Friday, May 11, 2018
10 Things You Should Be Doing As a Real Estate Investor

Investopedia talks about 10 habits that successful real estate investors share. Are you an investor and if so, do you do these things? 

1) Planning

Like a business, real estate investment takes planning through the establishment of long-term and short-term goals. By having a plan, investors will better see the end result and be more organized.

2) Know the Market

This does not mean only knowing how many homes are for sale, but looking at other factors such as spending habits, mortgage rates, and unemployment rates. Through careful research, investors can plan for future changes that might occur. 

3) Be Honest

Provided that most real estate investors interact with people, integrity matters. It is better to be fair in this business, than seeing what one can get away with.

4) Develop a Niche

Specializing on a specific market will help with your success. Once you master that market, then you can move on. By having this focus, your chances of actually being successful will go up.

5) Encourage Referrals

Building relationships is important in this business. This may include associates, clients, etc. Successful real estate investors will represent their business in a professional/positive manner.

6) Stay Educated

This includes such things as laws, regulations, and trends that affect a real estate investor’s business. Being knowledgeable of not only the market, but also factors that can affect it will make you a better investor.

7) Understand the Risks

This means understanding the legal implications involved. Real estate investment is not “easy money,” thus it is crucial to assess all risks before investing.

8) Invest in an Accountant

Since the comprehension of current laws can be challenging, it is worth investing in an accountant. If anything, one may actually achieve greater savings with the hiring of a professional

9)  Find Help

By networking with someone that has already found success in real estate investing, you have a much greater chance at being successful. Effective investors attribute part of their success to others whether it’s a mentor, lawyer, or supportive friend.

10) Build a Network

An effective network usually consist of a well-chosen mentor, business partner, clients, or members of a non-profit organization. Since much of real estate investment relies on experiential learning, surrounding yourself with the right people will put you towards the right direction.

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