Tuesday, June 19, 2018
5 Tips to Follow During a Remodel

1) Establish a good working relationship with the remodeler.

This means communicating the project, so that everyone is on the same page. This may include the duration of the project, work schedule, etc.

2) Request a Written Proposal.

By having a written proposal, the remodeler will be clearly held to ensure that the project reflects your wishes. This should include the miscellaneous details such as how the remodeler will access the property, price and payment schedule, cleanup, etc.

3) Be Flexible.

Since remodeling is a temporary disruption of normal life, be flexible with timing and work with the remodeler to see how any futures changes will be handled.

4) Ask for a written lien waiver from the home remodeler upon completion of the work.

In the case that subcontractors are used for portions of the work, this document will protect you if the remodeler fails to compensate the subcontractors.

5) Have a project plan that covers all phases and dependencies in the work.

A professional will know the detailed specifications for all products and materials used, permit information, notice of your rights under FTC, etc. Hiring a remodeler who can answer any concerns is certainly worthwhile and indication of a good business.

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Tiffany TorganTiffany Torgan
Tiffany Torgan has 25 plus years experience in the Real Estate Industry