Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Newest Residential San Diego Tower Will Be One Of The Tallest Building

Canadian-based Bosa Development will be changing San Diego’s skyline with a 490-foot tall apartment building. These buildings are expensive to construct provided their mix of steel, concrete, and glass, thus developers seek to only build where higher rent is possible. This new construction should help alleviate the city’s growing housing needs and prepare San Diego for its growing economy. While developers wish to build even taller buidlings, downtown’s skyline is capped at 500ft though because of the nearby airport. Below is a list of 5 of tallest buildings in San Diego.

San Diego County’s tallest buildings

1. One America Plaza, 500 feet

2. Symphony Towers, 499 feet

3. Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, 495.8 feet

4. Pinnacle on the Park, 479 feet

5. Manchester Grand Hyatt Seaport, 476.1 feet

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