Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Real Estate Venture Firm Invests in Dockless Scooter & Bike Company

Lime, a dockless electric scooter/bike company has raised $335 million in new funding led by Google Ventures. One of the backers is Fifth Wall Ventures, a venture capitalist firm that has invested in a multitude of real estate tech startups. Fifth Wall is positioned to help Lime with real estate partnership to revolutionize mobility in cities and improve urban sustainability. They want to build dockless drop sites, thus not taking up parking lots and sidewalks.

Robert Parker, senior sales associate at Climb Real Estate told Inman that such bicycles on demand as well as scooters will increase home values through increased walkability factors. With this latest round of funding, Lime is estimated to be valued at $1.1 billion. The vision for the future is that more people rent rather than own various modes of transportation.

Have you ridden one of these dockless scooters/bikes? If so, do you support the use of them in our future?

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Tiffany TorganTiffany Torgan
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